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Why Laugh A Lot?

We’re all about creating connections in joyful creative ways! Who hasn’t been struggling with work-life balance? Companies are looking for simple yet entertaining ways to bring their teams together that’s fun, relaxing, and not too serious! Residential communities enjoy creating a sense of community and retain residents with easy to plan , creative socials that are fun for diverse groups. Families, co-workers and friends can now connect nationwide with virtual art parties for bachelorette bashes, shower’s, gender reveals, birthdays, remote team-builders and holiday celebrations! Laugh A Lot events also offers art activities to inspire and connect us with others live and in-person delivered to your site in the Austin, Texas area.

Thank you so much for getting creative with us!

It’s not fine art - this is fun art so why not Laugh A Lot?
—Donna at LaughaLotPaintandSip.com