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Virtual Office Party Ideas to Connect Remote Workers

by Donna Lita on February 12, 2022

 There are a variety of ways to organize a Virtual Office Party any time of year to celebrate, reward and engage remote teams. Aside from the traditional idea of a dinner party or happy hour, virtual office parties can also be used to exchange gifts, onboard new hires and interns and reward performance. If you are planning an office party, choose a theme that is familiar to your people and relevant to your company culture or values.

Holidays - and there are some crazy ones like "bring your pet to work day" can help you decide on a theme. You can give out chocolates with holiday themes or other treats during the December, for instance.

For Halloween award prizes for costumes, virtual backgrounds or to those who have decorated their workspaces the best. Mask-making or fun games like "round the circle" scary story-time and trick-or-treat can be used to inspire team members to dress up. Parties can be planned in a variety of themes any time of year.

A virtual scavenger hunt can be another enjoyable way to celebrate the season of giving. In this fast-paced virtual game players must look for specific items in the office or home and then present them to their colleagues in just a few minutes. Creating mandalas with found objects and posting photos of their designs on company hubs and social media help make the memories of your time together last. It can be a lot of fun and cost-effective. It is possible to send e-gift cards for, smoothies, as well as high-quality coffee or tea along with tasty baked products.

 Allow your employees to choose their activities for a virtual office party! You can let your employees choose what they want to consume, drink and do at the virtual office party. Offer your employees treats or company swag as well as a virtual gift certificate for a casual party. Activity kits like the art kits with snacks with virtual paint and sip parties are popular and fun. Make it a contest to be eligible to win. This can be a great way to acknowledged top performers.

A great idea is to organize themed events. You can hold an online paint and sip session with a theme to encourage teamwork, boost creativity and communication. You can even organize virtual parties that include team-building activity kits that are shipped to your remote or hybrid worker's homes. In this instance, you can even have an activity like a mystery hunt, cocktail mixology lesson, wine tasting, or baking class! The best way to make a memorable virtual office party is to infuse laughter and make it fun for everyone!

Virtual office parties can be planned throughout the year and be as simple as a 15 minute break-time activity, 30 minute lunch-and-learn, or a Happy Hour. Whether you are looking to engage employees, onboard new employees and interns, recognize and reward or create a client appreciation event, there are many creative fun ways to connect create and laugh together! How will you help create bonds of friendship among your colleagues?



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