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by Nicole Jenney on April 20, 2020

Could you ever imagine we would be on lockdown due to COVID-19 for this long?
My heart goes out to those at home alone missing social interaction, and I am so grateful beyond words for those following the stay-at-home orders while the true heroes, medical professionals and essential workers risk their own health and well-being every day to provide for all of us!

As you try and maintain your lifestyle in the face of lay-offs, volatile stock markets and limited resources, have you noticed how little material goods you really need? I have.  It's a lot to navigate but have you discovered some peace? I have.

Perhaps you may have taken up a new hobby or revisited an old one you never had time for? Maybe some new business ideas and methods have come to mind! This may just be the start of a new Renaissance for inventors and creatives! I see the phrase of business "pivoting" everywhere! Are you pivoting? I am.

Though I can't say the online art social is a new concept for me... it's more like an idea I kept on the back burner. So, now with this COVID-19 pandemic and directives to stay at home, this business decision has been made for me. I was not sure how to stand out as the market is being flooded with ZOOM online class offerings, so we are pivoting. We are actually adding a little twist to the art party to make it more accessible and fun since not everyone is going to have access to art supplies needed to follow along with a guided painting. Zoom over to laughalotpaintandsip.com for some fun, affordable creative, art based activities, games, team builders and socials that will have you inspired, pivoting with joy... and maybe a few laughs during these challenging times.


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