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Solved! The Hybrid Team Virtual Office Party Dilemma

by Donna Lita on February 21, 2022

Virtual Event Ideas for Remote and Hybrid Workers

Virtual office parties have become common place for remote teams. While many employees are returning to the workplace, others continue to work from home. The dilemma is how to create cohesiveness and circumvent any FOMO feelings among remote workers. Fostering a community and trust is essential more than ever so it's important to facilitate ways for all staff members to connect and create bonds with informal online office parties. Virtual office parties may be organized at any time of the year. Use them to reward, celebrate, and engage hybrid and remote employees. They can also be used to give gifts, reward good performance, or onboard interns and new hires. Be sure to choose a theme and activity that are relevant to the company's culture and values.

For an air of excitement and an extraordinary company event consider celebrating off-beat holidays. There are many to choose from, such as Dress up your Pet Day, National Plant and Flower Day, or Superhero Day to name a few. This will help you pick a theme for activities, snacks, and swag. For Pet Day invite remote workers to dress up their pet and bring them on camera, and plan a pet portrait painting paint and sip party.

For Halloween, award prizes for the scariest and funniest costumes, virtual backgrounds, and those who decorate their workplaces best. Encourage team members to dress up, send art kits for mask-making, and play games such as "round the circle", a scary story-time or trick-or-treat are great ideas. You can plan parties in many different themes. Mask making is also fun for Superhero Day or Mardi Gras.

Another fun teambuilder is the virtual scavenger hunt. This fast-paced game for both hybrid and remote workers requires players to search for items at work or home and then present these items to their coworkers in a matter of minutes. Once the items are collected, they can get creative by making mandalas or assemblages using the found objects. Then ask them to post photos of their designs to company hubs, company newsletter or social media. It's both fun and economical and will create lasting memories that bond your staff. When those images are shared on your company's social media it has the ability to attract highly qualified candidates for employment and maintain loyalty of your existing personnel.

So they feel involved, assign a planning team and have your employees choose what they want to eat, drink, and the activity for the virtual office party. Sharing a meal or snack together is always a good way to connect. You can send e-gift certificates for smoothies, specialty tea, or gourmet coffee and delicious baked goods to enjoy during your remote team-building event. For a casual party, send your employees treats and company swag with a set of riddles and puns cards to use as ice breakers. "What makes our corporate paint parties unique are the extra surprises your staff will find included in their Laugh A Lot Art Party kits. Specialty snacks, cocktail mixes and game cards help as ice breakers to engage and connect both remote workers and hybrid workers." Donna Blodgett Lita owner of Laugh A Lot Art Events says, "It's all about connecting , creating and laughing in a relaxed and encouraging environment."

Limited budget? Make it a contest, so employees can compete to be eligible for the prize of partaking in an exclusive employee recognition event. This is a great way for top performers to be rewarded, or employees to nominate their hard-working colleagues for being cohesive team players. Encouraging teamwork and close communication between remote teams, with the knowledge that they have the opportunity to lift one another up is conducive to a cohesive and happy workplace. And that is key to employee engagement, loyalty and retention.

It's a great idea to host themed virtual parties organized to include team-building activity kits that are sent to remote workers. Consider planning a mystery scavenger hunt, escape rooms, cocktail mixology, wine tasting, cooking, or art class. A virtual office party will be memorable by infusing laughter and making it fun for everyone.

Virtual office parties are possible throughout the year. They can be as simple as a break-time activity, a lunch-and-learn or a happy hour. There are so many fun and creative ways to help your remote employees bond and laugh together! How will you and your colleagues become a more collaborative and cohesive crew? For more information on how Laugh A Lot Art Events helps corporate teams connect creatively visit laughalotpaintandsip.com


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