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by Nicole Jenney on May 11, 2020
Online painting parties are a great way to safely connect with friends, family and co-workers right now as we stay home during the COVID-19 Pandemic. That means you will need some art supplies! I say keep it simple. You might be overwhelmed by the vast array of paint colors to choose from. What paints to buy for your your online art party? Laugh A Lot Art Events suggests 5 paints. CMYK process colors and white are all the paint colors you need to mix and get any color. 
Take a look at the image to gauge the colors because the paints may not be named process blue or cyan, for example. Usually the blue in the primary color wheel is navy and has too much of a purple tone. Look for a brilliant blue, or cerulean blue. The yellow we recommend has no orange tone so consider cadmium yellow or lemon yellow. Red usually has too much yellow in it or blue in it so try a deep magenta. (It's like a dark hot pink.) 
You can find links to Michael's Arts and Crafts and Amazon on laughalotpaintandsip.com for acrylic paints, paint brushes, and canvas.
These are just suggestions so that you can ultimately paint any image you choose. If you are painting for fun and free-styling it, you can get creative with any paint colors you already have on hand.
Not all paint and sip party providers are set up to reach all your friends, family and coworkers nationwide as franchises likely have limited territories to prevent infringement between their locations. 
Laugh A Lot Art Events are experienced and equipped to make your online art classes, or online art party seamless and private with the help you need to get your supplies: paints, brushes and canvases inexpensively and efficiently so you can relax, connect, create and laugh a lot!

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