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How to Retain Residents With Luxury Apartment Socials

by Donna Lita on February 12, 2022

As luxury multi-family residential communities begin to offer more in-person events or hybrid activities there are many fun ways to bond safely outdoors and virtually.  A luxury apartment social can attract more tenants and boost retention. It is a great way to showcase your community's unique qualities and culture. Paint and sip parties, karaoke nights, talent shows are just a few ways residents can connect, create and laugh!

Food seems to be the most popular way to draw residents out to spend some time connecting with neighbors. Here are some suggestions you may have been doing in the past and may want to add your own flavor to match your community's culture.

A rotating supper club is a great way for people to bond. A supper club can feature food prepared by the residents and served in a socially distanced amenities center. Movie nights can be held outdoors. Large screens pool-side for a fun floating movie night are a great way to cool off on summer nights. Cooler nights you might bundle up under blankets. Roast hot dogs and S'mores and don't forget to bring in a popcorn machine!

Create a dinner theater, set-up a karaoke machine or hire standup comedian! Coordinate with local restaurants to provide free food samples. Put on a talent show or a video game tournament. A video game tournament can be held online or in a common area and involve family and friends. Borrow a video game system from an employee or a friend. If the residents are young, consider a talent-show to attract families with children. For an upscale community, a talent-show can be a great way to entice new residents. 

If you want to engage the community in a social activity, be sure to create an event that is fun for everyone. Paint and sip parties are a great way to connect singles and mature residents. Most providers will be happy to facilitate family friendly arts and craft parties for the holidays like Valentine's crafts, Halloween pumpkin painting, Holiday ornament making and flower pot paint and plant projects are fun for the entire family. Depending on your budget, you can order DIY paint party packs delivered with video links to share for virtual or hybrid paint parties or hire a company to take care of everything! Remember, food is a great draw! it's not a paint and sip without the snacks and sips like wine, beer, cocktails for for adult happy hours. 

Organize luxury apartment socials that are fun and contribute to the community like a fundraising or charity event. Volunteer to organize a canned food drive or a food truck event. For example, a luxury apartment community might hold a potluck chili cook-off. This can be combined with an event related to sports. The competition can be fierce, and the winner receives a prize to donate to their favorite charity. Hosting a community luau is a great way to attract residents to your community. In addition to serving delicious Hawaiian food, you can also invite local entertainment. This is a perfect outdoor activity that can showcase your amenities like the swimming pool and spa area.

Many apartment residents have pets and it's important to acknowledge your resident's furry family members with treats, pet portrait painting parties, pet costume contests and parades.

It is important to plan and target the demographics of your luxury apartment communities for your social events.  A good example of an effective social event is a resident appreciation day.  During this week, apartments should host a special resident appreciation event. This will strengthen the bonds between residents and increase their retention rates. The holiday you choose should reflect the interests of your residents. You can also tailor the event to their needs during National Resident Appreciation Day.

 A community social is a great way of building community and encouraging residents to engage with one another Be sure to take plenty of pictures and encourage your residents to post images and share your social media platforms all the fun they have to create lasting memories and attract and retain residents to your apartment community.


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