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How A Virtual Paint and Sip Party Works

by Donna Lita on February 23, 2022
How a Virtual Paint and Sip Party Works

A virtual paint and sip party allows guests to take part in a painting class using a web-based conferencing platform like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This is a great way for remote co-workers or friends and family from afar to spend an evening painting and sipping wine together. These parties can be hosted on any platform, but it is important to choose the right one for your event. We'll show you how a virtual paint-and-sip party works in this article.

First, decide how many people you'd like to invite. A virtual paint and sip party is a great idea for any number of guests. If you are looking to cater to a smaller crowd, a virtual paint and sip party will be easier to plan and more intimate. However, if you'd like to host a larger number of guests, you'll need to allow ample time - usually two weeks or more in advance to have art kits shipped. Next, select a painting or craft project that will suit your company culture or private party theme. Often, you can request custom art or corporate branding for a nominal fee. A good paint kit will include at least the 5 primary colors of acrylic paint, paint brushes in various sizes, canvas, a palette and paper towels, apron, and a cup for water. Laugh A Lot Art Party Kits are special because they are all-inclusive with surprise treats, drink mixes and novelties, templates, and instructions. A virtual art instructor will guide guests through the process step-by-step, once they log on to the event meeting platform. A great instructor will have more than just artistic talent and the ability to teach. They will help engage and entertain your group with ease.

Visit the website of a paint-and-sip company to book a virtual paint-and-sip party. Once you have booked a date and time, choose your art project and order art kits. The organizer will request your guest's shipping information. Often they will email you a spreadsheet template for you to fill out and once that is received they will ship the art kits. Once you have reserved a space, the organizer will send you a Zoom link or coordinate with you what meeting platform you would like to use. The cost of a virtual paint and sip party varies from $35 to $80 per person. The cost usually covers art instruction, supplies, and shipping costs. Other possibilities are Hybrid Virtual Art Parties where some guests gather while others meet online. DIY Art Party Packs may be ordered when you gather a group at your location and paint on your own or paint along to an instructional video, or book a live virtual art instructor. Another option is to BYO supplies and book just the art instructor. Laugh A Lot Art Events provides all these options by charging a flat rate for instruction to up to 100 guests. You choose whether to order art kits shipped or bring your own art supplies or order DIY Party Packs for 12 guests. Be careful to select a paint and sip company with 5-star Google reviews, a selection of art projects that are appealing and fun, and respond quickly and professionally. You may discover there are businesses that offer a multitude of virtual event activities including paint and sip parties. The benefit to this is the variety of event choices from event providers that have been vetted. Be sure to read agreements carefully as often there are no refunds and restrictions for dealing directly with a party provider in the future. Often smaller specialized paint and sip companies can offer greater value, efficiency and are more accommodating than larger generalized event services that manage multiple event vendors. Once again, verify their qualifications, policies, art gallery, sample videos, and Google Reviews. Now that you know how a virtual paint and sip party works, it just might be a great time to get creative and connect with your co-workers, friends, and family - just for laughs! visit laughalotpaintansip.com to book your virtual paint and sip party!


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