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5 Reasons to Plan Your Holiday Party for January

by Donna Lita on December 15, 2022

Where did the time go? It's mid December and by gosh that holiday party just has to happen somehow, right?

Are you thinking...

I'm running out of time! Is there even any availability? Who will even show up during this busy season?

Breathe. I got you!

I have an idea that is trending among many companies...

Relax - plan it for January!

Why a January Holiday Party?

  • Celebrate 2022 when all can be together relaxed & refreshed.
  • Onboard new hires with an air of excitement about the new year.
  • Start the New Year exemplifying your community's culture.
  • It's an ideal time to announce new goals for the New Year.
  • A big plus, planning is unhurried and much easier! 

The final quarter of the year can be a crazy time and it's easy to procrastinate holiday party planning. The burden can often fall on the shoulder's of those who are already carrying a heavy load. Whether you are trying to plan a company party or a community social, many guests already have a full calendar or have made out of town vacation plans. Having your holiday party in January can mean everyone will be likely to attend feeling more relaxed and refreshed!

Apartment communities often have leases renewed and new residents moving in at the end of the year. Welcome them in style and show them your community's culture. Plan a holiday resident event for January.  Many companies are onboarding new hires in January and what better way to welcome them and demonstrate your corporate culture but with a corporate team-builder or employee appreciation activity for January!

Take this time to ring in the New Year together with any big reveals or announcements and create momentum behind goals for the year.

Party procrastinators, take a deep breath and a sigh of relief knowing it's all going to be okay! Planning a January Holiday Party doesn't have to be about any specific religious holiday so, everyone can feel included. PLUS, planning will be so much easier!

Let's talk about the possibilities of Laugh A Lot Art Events crafting an easy breezy creative team builder or community social for January (or beyond!)

There are plenty of winter themed crafts and canvas painting ideas for, virtual, hybrid, or Austin area in-person paint and sip events where we deliver all the supplies, guide and entertain your group so they can CONNECT, CREATE and LAUGH A LOT!

Book your Laugh A Lot Art Event!


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